No. 1 The best cosplay store you can find anywhere (Online or offline)

As a mom, I found Halloween frustrating. I cannot sew. I wish I can for my kids but I just cannot. I cannot just turn down their nerdy geeky wish of getting a good cosplay costume. So I tried this cosplay store. I gave it a try then I was really blown away by their service. They are just Zappos of the cosplay world rather than amazon. Their customer service is top notch and they custom tailor everything for you. I feel really special.

No. 2 The world’s largest cosplay community

I used to post a lot of pictures on Judging by its domain. I mean, it’s awesome.

They also have forums. I like to visit their trading section. That’s where I occationally find a good second hand cosplay costume for myself.

I also some times enjoy viewing cosplay pictures there. I wish the website can be prettier, I mean, it’s 2015 com’on. But that’s okay. They still have the largest fan base which other websites cannot compete.

No. 3: It’s a wikipedia for nerds!

But it’s absolutely awesome……I mean for nerds…hahahahah

For animes, you can just find your clubs, your home. It’s not just any cold, editorial wikipedia, you contribute and you discuss and you feel like you belong to.



Here are some really useful tips that I think will benefit a lot, I mean a lot of cosplayers!

Do you know how many cosplayers go to Anime Conventions every year without checking out those extremely helpful resources first?

Millions! I mean just in United States!

Long story short, let me get it started. The above is my recommendations.If you have any recommendations or suggestions, please, by all means, bring it to me. I will be very happy to add it to this post, or a separate one. Until then:)